One lesson I’ve always taught my daughter as she grew up was to always strive to be the best she could be…find what is great in her and be the best for everyone to see.  She’s doing amazing things and I see much more in her future.

Then I realized, have I ever asked myself the same question – am I being my best self possible?

The moment I came to this thinking was the moment that my life began to change.  I was battling depression.  I was trapped in a job that I hated.  I wasn’t happy with myself or how my life had turned out.  The only thing I had going for me was my daughter…and that was only half the time!

It was a hard reality.  Of course, several things went through my mind.  I had all the “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s” pass through my mind.  I’ve been single a very long time so I had the failed relationships, those I messed up, then the recurring bad dates (some even atrocious).  Financially I was not sitting much better and then questioned how I ended up there.

This is a reality for many people.  And these are the things that lead to my depression.  But I think we tend to dwell on the questions that keep us immersed in the mud.  It’s the same effect that I like to refer to as “concrete feet” – that moment when you are standing the same place for so long you become part of the ground.  You don’t take a step forward because you can’t see forward.  All you can see is the past.  And these questions are all questions pertaining to the past.

In order for me to break free, I had to figure out how to move forward.  How as I going to get past this lull in my life?  How was I going to figure out how to move forward and make life great again?  What could I do to make a change and get past the stage in my life?

So the new question became, “What am I doing to be better?  What am doing to change what was missing in my past.  Ultimately my future will be my past, right?  And I didn’t want to sit around at any point thinking that I was unable to continue to look at my past and wonder “what if, why not, how come.”

Eventually I asked myself, “What am I doing to be the best me possible?”  And since I tend to talk to myself as a moment of inspiration, I said, “What are you doing to be the best you possible?”

It was at that moment I realized not a whole hell of a lot.  I pulled out a notebook and wrote in it.  The very first line of my notebook was, “I do my best to raise an amazing daughter.”

That was all I had.  That was my only response.  But that should be a given, right?  I should do that no matter what.  So what else am I doing to be the best me possible?

My notebook remained blank and for the first time I realized I’m not doing nearly enough.  If you want to be the best you possible, you have to feel pretty great, correct?  I didn’t feel great.  In fact, I felt crappy.

Since I couldn’t come up with an answer, I chose the next best thing…what am I going to start doing to become the best me possible?

Then the sentences began to flow.

To feel good, I have to nourish well.  So my diet needed to change.

To feel good, I have to strengthen my body, so I needed to begin a new exercise regimen.

To feel good, I have to strengthen my mind, so getting lost in good reading became a must.

I wrote many things down, including one that Tony Robbins always mentions in his seminars – always give back.  I don’t do NEARLY enough of that.

The results?

I have lost 26 pounds since January 16th (I have 24 more to go).  I have read 6 books (about one book a month) since January 16th.  I have remained committed to my blog, finished my third motivational book (Igniting Your Pilot Light), close to finishing my first fictional novel (due by the end of July), changed careers, and will be starting a very intense training regimen in a couple short weeks.  That is just a small portion of my goals.  I have given to a couple charities, donated my time for a radio interview, and have many more wonderful things planned throughout the summer to continue to give back.

Today, before I decided to write this post, I sat down and thought long and hard about this year, the ups and downs, the good and the bad.  The good most definitely outweighed the bad.  I feel pretty damn good.  I’m not the best me possible, but I’m heading that direction.

You know the best part? I still have six more months to continue reaching my goals to be the very best of me.

So now I ask you…what are you doing to be the best you possible?  Think about it and let me know!



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