It is May 1st…what were your resolutions on January 1st? How much have you achieved? How many of your goals are being met? I’m willing to bet not much. Ready to stop hoping and start doing? Ready to stop using January 1st as a reason to change? Why not right now, at this very moment? Download my new book, “Igniting Your Pilot Light” – FOR FREE! Available until May 5th at 11:59 PM, take advantage of the opportunity to finally set out and do what you’ve always thought or dreamed of doing…without ever looking back! Your goals are important and change is inevitable. Your time is NOW! I only ask that you leave feedback on my Amazon site. Download here:

I’m pleased to share this release of my new motivational (or as I prefer it to be labeled, influential) book, “Igniting Your Pilot Light.”  This is the third motivational book I’ve written under my author name, J. Martin Turner.  I self-publish my works through and they are all available through Amazon Kindle, a free app available for download.

I realize how amazing and rewarding it is to help people become the best they can be.  I love to see how they change, transform, and reinvent themselves all by discovering that they are capable of anything they want to do or want to become.  We tend to get stuck in our own heads for so long that we become stagnant.  We lose the ability to move out of our comfort zone because we develop fear.  We grow “concrete feet” meaning we’ve been standing for so long that our feet become part of the pavement, unable to move forward because we are stuck.

There are solutions and they are simple.  Read that again:  there are solutions and they are simple.  HOWEVER, they do require hard work and discipline.  In my book, you’ll learn why you get stuck, what keeps you from moving forward, how to rediscover your passion, ignite your pilot light and watch the results you’ve always desired.

I’m very proud of this work as I spent just over a year developing it and creating my own method of teaching.  Part of it has to do with the way we use words to define our actions, words such as want vs. need, reasons vs. excuses, doing vs. trying, etc.

Please download for free and leave me feedback where you download the book.  Thank you so much.  Also check out my website, The Power Three and visit and like my author page, J. Martin Turner and The Power Three Facebook  page.  Have an amazing day and as always, thank you for your support and for following!


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