I was watching  the news the other day because, well, let’s be real…there was nothing else on and I wanted to see what the weather was going to be like.  That’s really the only reason I watch the news anymore…and they are right only half the time, or so I’ve heard.

A kid in Sarasota, FL, posts a picture of himself holding a “promposal” sign.

A Florida school district is investigating a student's "promposal" that many found racist and offensive.

While he apologized and said it was a joke, ask the black community how many of them found it funny.  I’m quite certain they would all agree it was anything but.

We live in a society of social media morons.  What do I mean by this?


People are using social media, not only to express opinions, share recipes, or talk about their families and share pics.  They also use it as a way to publicly address their conscience.

Whether Twitter, Snapchat, IG, FB, or any other platform, social media has become a way for people to “think” they are using it unleash their inner demons.  They use it as a way to speak openly and aggressively by charging at people, groups, organizations, etc. without first thinking of the consequences of their words.  Social media has become a streaming device for everyone’s conscience, including those that use it in a moronic sense.

I can sit here and share hundreds…possibly thousands…of tweets that were put out there, then suddenly removed once the person that posted it realized it was detrimental, not only to the person they were targeting, but it is not part of the public domain.  It is now published for the world to see.  You can’t “unsee” it, so-to-speak.  And even if it was removed or their site was made private, you pretty much secure a fate you never thought possible.

Case in point, Laura Ingraham.  She posted a tweet calling David Hogg a whiner because he was rejected by four colleges.

Before I go any further, I have my own personal feelings about David Hogg.  I’ve done my research.  I watch this teenager and what he posts and his agenda.  Plus my daughter goes to school with him and she has her own ideas about him.  In the beginning, I praised his efforts along with a few other students.  Let’s just say I’m not an advocate of his for my own personal reasons, but if you want to discuss this privately, we can.   I was happy for his movement and what he’s trying to do, but I did further research and, well, we all have our own opinions.  I’ll leave it at that.

Ingraham didn’t need to post that.  And it hurt her with her advertisers.  She has since returned and claimed that ratings were sky high, obviously protecting her and the show.  But would she have had to worry about this had she left “whine” out of her tweet…or not tweet at all?  Probably not.

Her conscience became a social media tweet.  What she was thinking she felt the need to share.

I don’t get this.  And I do get this.

First, the I do.  Look, we have an arena where we can say whatever our hearts and minds feel.  We can share it and think maybe somebody might respond or feel the same way.  I’ve done it.  I’ve gone out, had a few drinks, had someone tip their hat in a way that lit a spark.  I would sit and realize what was said and my conscience would get the best of me.  Instead of doing like we did back in the days, opening up a composition book or a journal and writing down how we were feeling, privately and without anyone’s knowledge, we now use social media as a forum for the same…only once you put it out there, you can’t take it back.

I’ve retracted comments I’ve made for the same reason.  I’d write it, get it out of my system, publish it, and then remove it.  Getting it out of my system was great.  Sharing it was not.  Hence, an old-school style of journal and pen/pencil companionship would have best suited me.  Same goes for those that think posting whatever they want is just fine but will not suffer any consequences.

Second, I don’t.   A lot of tweets that have come back to haunt people, either political pundits, celebrities, or even our President.  This has cost them their jobs or early resignations.  This may have even cost them relationships, followers, fans, etc.  As a grown man that supports himself and is working toward some great goals, I don’t get why you’d want the world to know your thoughts, especially if they are not thought out.  I tend to think out everything I write now.  Not just because I don’t want anything to come and haunt me (also because I really don’t say anything that would…although you just never know these days).  But also because that’s why I have friends.  That’s why I have a family.  If I want to vent, I go to them.  Or I write it down.  By hand.  On paper.  Or I type it out on a Word document (I can write faster if I’m typing and thinking).  Twitter doesn’t need to know.  Instagram doesn’t need to know.  Facebook doesn’t need to know.

That conscience is causing these “social media morons” to lose out on many things that they once deemed successes.  Losing your job, losing faith and trust in people, sounding like a racist or bigot, appearing to be a misogynist…that is what is destroying people.  I call them morons because that’s exactly what they are.  They sacrifice so much of themselves and their lives and then make a statement they decide to share.  This may be their true character and if so, then they expose themselves for who they really are so in essence, it may be a good thing.   So that’s good for the general public or those that witness their true colors.  But as a grown man and an adult, if you are that dumb – that moronic – to go on social media and expose yourself, then be prepared for the consequences.

There is no excuse for it, really.  And I don’t feel sorry for them for putting their “conscience” on display for the world to see.  I get heated up about a lot of things.  But it is momentary.  Typically before I rant for people to see, I make sure I read it, re-read it, then I make an educated decision on whether it is worth the argument or just something that is not worth it.   Just recently I posted about the Southwest Airlines incident.  I knew I’d get backlash from my comments.  But I was prepared and I defended myself.  However, sometimes I’d rather walk into my room, shut the door and scream or sit down with a notebook and write out how I feel.

If you are a public figure with several hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers and decide to publish your thoughts, your conscience, then you reap the benefits of the return.  And if you aren’t and people share it and you become a national news story, then I don’t feel for you, either.  I don’t know what you expect out of making comments like that, but you deserve everything that happens – whether democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, celebrity, author, or kid at school with stupid promposal sign – whatever you may be, you must suffer the consequences.  You are no better than anyone that posts a nude pic and later regrets it.  It was a knee-jerk reaction to post your feelings thinking it was a smart move and all you did was expose yourself to the world at who you really are…even if you are not and just reacted.

You are a social media moron.  And perhaps you should consider a journal and a fresh set of pens or pencils in your immediate future.

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