If you have been following me on my blog site, you are aware that I’m working toward my weight loss goal of forty pounds.  Of course, when you make a lifestyle change, there is so much more to it than just waking up one morning and saying, “Good morning, World!  Today I’m going to lose XXlbs.”

Most people who begin their trek to weight loss usually battle with the mental aspects of committing themselves to doing it before they reach the tipping point.  I did.  But it was more of a “bow your head in shame for allowing yourself to get this way” moment for me, the fourth of July pictures my friend posted and I just sat there with a mouth agape look of shock.  Others have battled with being overweight their whole lives and never knew any differently.

Whatever the case, weight loss is more than just losing weight.  It’s preparation.  It’s planning.  It’s food prep.  It’s documentation.  It’s finding a workout program you are comfortable with, or a coach or a trainer depending on if you do private/personal workouts or group.  I prefer groups because when people learn of your mission, there is a greater level of support.  I have had several backing me and reaching out to offer advice, ask how I am, congratulate me on kicking butt or pushing through and finishing a workout, etc.

But weight loss is more than just weight loss.  You actually gain so much when you do it, provided you are successful and achieve your goals.  For example, you feel great, so much more than you ever thought you could.  That exhaustion you felt everyday has vanished.  You gain increased energy levels.  You gain newfound confidence you forgot existed, or perhaps found for the first time ever.  You gain self-respect because you disciplined yourself to making lifestyle changes – all beneficial!  You gain respect of those around you.  “Hey, you look great!  You’ve lost a lot of weight.  I’m proud of you.”   You hear things like that and it just fills you with joy and confidence.  You gain also by affecting someone else’s life or lives.  Perhaps your weight loss inspired someone else to follow in your footsteps.

You gain better healthful eating habits.  Now food isn’t merely a source of “grab whatever is available when I’m hungry.”  It becomes more because it will affect your performance and health.  So you don’t look as food as a way to fill up your belly, you know, like that quick trip through the McD’s drive-thru so you can scarf down a QP with Cheese, medium fries and a coke on your way to work.  Food, like money, has value to you.  Sure, a side of fries is fun every once in a long while.  But lean proteins, cruciferous vegetables, fruits (especially berries)…those are the ones that provide lifelong benefits.  So you have gained the proper knowledge of food.  And perhaps you’ve become a good cook in doing so now that you cook more to prep meals.

You gain planning and strategy to reach goals.  You gain momentum in life because you feel good, look good, and people are responding to it.  You gain self-worth and self-awareness because now, life has changed and you made it change for you.  You created more of a self-worth in your mind and through your eyes.  You created a self-awareness about what you input into your daily eating habits and how you treat, respect, and care for your body that you never had before.  And if you had it before, then perhaps you lost it and needed to find it again.  Such is the case with me.

When going through weight loss, remember that it’s not just the weight you are losing.  It’s not just the pounds that are dissolving.  There’s a method to it and if you can break through those barriers and follow three simple elements – motivation, commitment and discipline, then you will win the battle.  You have to motivate yourself to get there.  You have to commit to being there.  And have to be disciplined to get those results.  The good news:  remember that what you gain is worth just as much – if not more – than what you lose along the way.  Good luck on your journey and feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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