Hello all and welcome to my new blog site!  I’m proud to be here and writing again.  It took me some time to research and determine the best avenue for my future writings.  I also renamed the blog (as you have seen) daddydoright.blog.  If you don’t know much about the character Dudley Do-Right, he was a dim-witted, conscientious character always wanting to do right, with a crush on Nell, a love interest that had no interest in him whatsoever but loved his pet horse named – Horse!  I thought how appropriate a name for a site, for me and my past (and sadly, my present. Lol).  Regardless, it stands for more than just a reference to a cartoon character.  It stands for me wanting to always do right, by my daughter, by my family and friends, by those that I meet and hopefully those lives that I touch, and of course, by my self.

It has been a full year since I first began blogging and with this new site I plan to build a larger following.  I have many plans in place, some of which include video blogs, motivational and inspirational blogs,  and I’ll be reaching out and sharing stories, and covering many of the topics I covered in my past blogs on the site single40andbeyond.blogspot.com (you can still go over and read many of the blogs I posted in the past year…I will not be taking that site down.)

I’m truly excited about the avenue(s) we are about to embark.  Please always feel free to share, comment, or just enjoy the readings as they come.  Whatever the case, I hope there is a takeaway you can gather from my writings that may help better or improve the quality of your own life or just a great story you can share with those while sitting around the weekend barbecue, dinner table, or campfire.

Wherever you may be, I hope I can touch you the way I’ve been touched and moved throughout the years.  I’m always an open book for anyone to reach out to so don’t hesitate to talk to me.  I also have some big projects in the works that I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

Hope you are enjoying the week.  Big week next week with the Fourth of July less than a week away.  My how the year has flown by.  I’ll be back next week with an all new blog to kick off the next wave of adventures.  Until then, God speed and good health to all.  See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Site!

  1. Awesome! I too have started, stopped blogging and am now starting AGAIN. I have a bit more motivation this time to keep at it. Now that I have found some recent ‘new’ bloggers as well, I may be able to keep up with it. Good luck…following!


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